SEC: False tweets sent two stocks reeling in market manipulation

Today we know a bit more about what the US Securities & Exchange Commission regards as stock market manipulation. It has charged a Scottish man with securities fraud for using fake twitter avatars to drive the share prices on two listed stocks down. The charges are against James Alan Craig of Dunragit, Scotland. He is alleged […]

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TeliaSonera: Are the activist shorts running short of targets?

It could make a chapter in  a Scandi thriller. How could a company from Sweden, fourth in the world in the latest Corruption Perceptions Index, so badly misread the business environment in a former Soviet autonomous republic?  Yet that is exactly what happened  to TeliaSonera in Uzbekistan. The series of bad and unethical decisions boggles […]

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Anatomy of a ransomware attack

It is not just major firms like TalkTalk – whose 4 million customers have just had their personal data stolen in  a virus attack — that are being held to ransom. Small firms too are being held up at the point of a viral gun. The impact of ‘ransomware’ on one Israeli accountant was clinical and […]

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BRU76 - 20031205 - BRUSSELS, BELGIUM : Illustration picture shows the logo of OLAF headquarter office at the Brussels Rue Joseph  II / Jozef II straat, the European office of anti-fraud office, Friday 05 December 2003.

EU budget hit for €1 billion in fraud

The EU Budget was subject to a staggering €901 m of theft last year. This is more than twice the figure of the previous year and that in turn was more than a third greater than fraud in 2012. The figures are disclosed in the recently released report of OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office (Office […]

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The price of arrogance

The disclosure that Credit Agricole has agreed a $787 million settlement with the US Department of Justice to settle sanctions busting charges involving Iran and Sudan has a haunting message for its French rival BNP Paribas. Credit Agricole appears to have committed identical offences to those of BNP Paribas but paid a fine to the […]

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